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Inclusion in Web3 and NFTs

Posted on Jun 10, 2022

Web3 has been the hot topic since 2017. The field’s advancement in technology has revolutionized the creative industry in many ways. 
In the last couple of years, NFTs have been the stepping stone to this enormous change. Through the integration of art, utility and community, 
they’ve provided people that may not have had access to it before, a gateway into the field and a world of opportunities.

Web3 fosters inclusive spaces through: 

  • Accessibility

Nowadays, as long as you have a screen and internet, you can have access to a whole new world of opportunities. 
With the growth of platforms such as Tiktok and YouTube - people are now able to self-learn at a much faster pace than ever before. 
The Web3 field also being fully online eliminates a portion of inequality since the space is available from all over the world - at all times. 

As creators and entrepreneurs - a new way of doing business is now possible through Web3 which encourages outside the box thinking. 
With the creation of utilities, the metaverse, virtual lotteries and more. Any idea can come to life. Whether it be to start a business or expand one, this space gives anyone the freedom to take part in it. 

As artists - NFTs demolish the starving artist stereotype by allowing creatives to make a living off of their work. 
Thanks to Web3 and NFTs, artists and creators don’t need to rely on publishing houses, galleries, auctions or any third party authority to promote their work. 
They can choose to do so directly to their respective audience, therefore enabling them the right to keep their full earnings and maintain their intellectual property. 
With the addition of royalties, virtual galleries, and the possibility to fractionalize their art, the space offers artists the chance to be more creative than ever before and to consistently make earnings off of their work past the primary sale. 
The power of blockchain technology also provides them the safety of knowing who owns each of their work and eliminates the possiblity of fraud. 

  • Community Building 

As Identity and Representation have become widely encouraged and valued concepts within the Web3 space, communities provide people with a sense of belonging and unite those with similar interests. 

How to keep those spaces inclusive? 
As we are witnessing a surge in people of different backgrounds joining the Web3 field, it is important to continuously amplify those voices and their work in order to maintain 
this increase in diversity and most importantly, ensure a safe environment for all users. 

At Fiercecrowd, we intend on being a part of this change. 
As a female-led project, Fiercecrowd is a community that celebrates you and everything about you. 
We foster inclusion through the team we’ve built, through our community and also through the art we’ve created. 
Our intention is to be as diverse as possible with the use of NFTs by creating characters/avatars that represent people of all genders, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc. 
The traits that make an individual who they are in the real world are exactly the ones we want to point out and bring value to. 

Here are a few ways we are pushing the space forward with Fiercecrowd:
Wheelchair - Disability
Gender and Identity - Women, Men, Non-binary
Skin Tones - Light to Dark
Skin Types - Vitiligo
Hair Types and Styles -  Bald, Dreads, Afros, Hijabs/Veils
Misc - Tattoos

With our algorithm, we were able to create 1,500 characters from a set of 560 designs created by our artist, including over 250 hairstyles, 60 backgrounds, and 18 skin tones.

Our vehicle of change is education and with our goal, we intend on providing access to education to people who may not have had accessotherwise. Therefore, providing them with opportunities through new technologies.

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