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Women-led Businesses in Web3

Posted on Jul 11, 2022

Traditional investing and the crypto field are currently dominated by men, as women crypto entrepreneurs make up less than 5% of the industry. Actually, out of 121 crypto companies, only 5 of them are founded by women. In the Web 2 space, women represent around 20 to 25 percent of the workforce versus 8% in the Web 3 space.

Throughout history disparities between men and women have always been evident; lack of access to capital, smaller network, and a fear of failure due to cultural upbringing are the main reasons out of many.

Nowadays, with the growth of NFTs and the increasing easiness to self-learn through platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and online courses. Access for women, and minorities in general, to all fields has increased, including in Web3.

Many initiatives encourage women to get involved. Mainly by facilitating the learning process. Some projects are fully focused on highlighting women's work in the space and supporting others while they join, such as: World of Women, WomenRise, My BFF, WOW Pixies, and more (we couldn't name them all). Those creators often spend time teaching women ways in which they could succeed using Web3. They also create representation in the field which inspires many to seek their own path within the space.

Web3 is an all-inclusive space that has many different creators from different backgrounds. Having women led projects in this space is important as it bodes well for the future of Web3 in general. As pay gaps are reduced, opportunities are created, and blocks are chained. We are hopeful and excited about the future ahead.

FierceCrowd is a women-led project focused on inclusivity of minorities in general. We strive to empower the crowd in all of its differences.

We, as a community, strive to change the narrative by connecting the less fortunate with education as well as by empowering those that usually face discrimination. 

We've incorporated the notion of diversity within our team, our art collection and our community. 

In terms of creating opportunities for those minorities, we intend on building a platform connecting sponsors, schools and the less fortunate and on building our own school through partnership with Build On. Another way of creating opportunities will be through donations to international organizations.

As a holder, you will get access to a community wallet, merch, a care package, a network of people in the field as well as an active role in the future of FierceCrowd.

Mint one of our designs on 13/07/2022 at 5pm GST to contribute to our project!






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